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City Seeking a Reduced Energy District Partner

(Jun 13, 2017)

The City of Westminster has a strategic vision to be “one of the most sustainable cities in America”.  The City of Westminster Colorado is developing Downtown Westminster into a high density, mixed-use community of approximately 4 MSF. While Phase 1 of the project is currently underway, a second phase, of approximately 2 MSF of office, hotel and conference center space is in planning. The City is considering implementation of a District Energy system to serve this Phase II area.

Currently, the City of Westminster, CO is seeking a Reduced Energy District Partner to help develop and manage the new downtown energy infrastructure.  The City envisions a long-term public private partnership of mutual benefit that will reduce energy costs and use through a range of energy infrastructure systems, financing models, strategic partnerships, community energy planning, and goal setting.  The goal is to attract continued development in the downtown, while developing a range of energy resources to reduce consumption and the emissions related to non-renewable fuels.  In addition, the City envisions a community education component which creatively and continuously shares information on the Reduced Energy District with visitors to the site and the community it serves. 

Proposals are due July 13, 2017

This Request For Interest can be accessed here: RFI Westminster District Energy Partner

Current projects underway map can be found here: Current Projects Map

Questions? Contact: Tom Ochtera, (303) 658-2551


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