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Rail station confirmed for 88th Avenue

(May 03, 2011)

The City of Westminster and the Regional Transportation District recently finalized an agreement that clarifies the city's commitment to use non-FasTracks dollars to design and build a rail station at 88th Avenue. The agreement also confirms RTD's willingness to add the station to the Northwest Corridor line.

It is the city’s intent to build the station in conjunction with the development of the Westminster Center project.

The city’s goal is to have the station open at the same time service begins on the entire Northwest Rail corridor. This could be as soon as 2019 if a the RTD board moves ahead with a ballot issue increasing the FasTracks sales tax and it is approved by voters in 2012.

While the station at 88th Avenue was not included in the FasTracks package that Regional Transportation District voters approved in November 2004, Westminster Center remains in the plans for the Northwest Rail Corridor as an “unfunded” station. See map below.

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